10 Habits To Start Today.

Getting organized doesn’t have to mean spending the entire weekend tackling the piles around your house and going through every closet.  Here are some quick and easy habits that you and your family can implement every day to keep the clutter and chaos at bay, saving more time for fun and relaxation!

businesswoman with a note-book in a cafe drinking coffeeWrite It Down
Get one notebook or calendar with notes pages to jot everything down.  Take the time to unload your brain onto a sheet of paper.  Be specific and include everything that you have floating in there.  It might sound silly but clearing up this space in your brain can make a huge difference in your mental clutter and allow you to be more present each day.

Pick It Up
Never leave a room empty-handed.  If you pass by something that doesn’t belong where it is, pick it up and take it with you.  Dirty dishes, mail, toys…..take the time to address the mess now, don’t wait! Doing a little each day can help avoid hours of work later.

Let It Go
Create a ‘donate and returns’ station at your house.  This is the place that collects any and all items that need to leave your home.  Put the items (with receipts) near the door or in your car so you don’t have to spend time locating them when it is time to leave.  Make sure everyone in the house knows what the bin/area is for and encourage family members to add items as needed.

Male hand holding a cell phone and writing sms message Delete & Unsubscribe
Don’t let your email get out of control!  Take 10 minutes every day to delete unwanted emails and unsubscribe to mail lists that are not of interest.  The unsubscribe button isn’t always the easy to find but once you do, a few clicks and you are done! 

Look Before You Buy
Take time as you are making your grocery list to check to see what items you already have.  Add a meal to your schedule that you already have the ingredients for and cross things off you don’t need!  Be sure to check expiration dates as you look through the pantry and toss food that has expired!  Apply these same strategies to all purchases. Look before you buy, then donate or toss an old item to make room for the new.

Purge With The Season
The weather has changed and so should your closet.  Donate items you don’t see yourself wearing this season and shift out of season items to the back/sides of your closet saving the prime real estate for the this season’s items.  Remember to do this with children’s closets too!  Donate or sell the items you don’t love, then label and store the remaining clothes for the future.

Don’t Wait
Do things immediately as often as possible!  Whether it be going through the mail, paying a bill, or changing a light bulb….do it now!  Don’t waste time and energy adding items to your to do list that can be done quickly.  You will find your mind and calendar less cluttered when you take the time to tackle small tasks often.

10 Minute Chores
Create a chores schedule (ie: Monday: vacuum, Tuesday: dust, Wednesday: errands, Thursday: groceries, etc).  Spend a few minutes every day cleaning up the house so that your evenings and weekends can be used for relaxation.  Use the weekend to plan for the week ahead and then sit back and relax!

488621Form A Team
Assign tasks to children, no matter their age.  A family that works together, can play together!  Pick something from your list for each family member to be responsible for.   Teach them how to do it correctly and then let go!  They might not do it as quickly or even as well as you, but it is done and they are learning valuable skills for the future.

Be Patient
Give yourself time to make changes to your routines and habits.  Pick one of these suggestions and give yourself a few weeks to implement it.  When you’ve got it down, try another.

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